Sponsor The Challenge

Any well-established company in energy-efficiency, clean energy or allied fields, with a track record of good corporate citizenship, is welcome to sponsor the 10% Challenge campaign. Sponsors can advertise products and services by supporting the campaign at any level:


Logo/ profile/ link on the campaign's website, with social media driving traffic to it regularly.


The above, plus logo on all campaign signage and brochures; ongoing literature placement in a resource kiosk in each partner community; opportunity to participate in at least one public forum in Challenge communities.


All the above plus profile on campaign email messages to SHV's list of 2,000 and partner communities' lists.


All the above, plus logo/ name on at least 500 "goodie bags" of energy saving supplies to be distributed to participating households, and the opportunity to be part of the awards ceremony and finale press conference.

Sponsors can also support the Challenge by:

  • * Offering 10% off products and services in Challenge communities;
  • * Participating in educational workshops in Challenge communities;
  • * Contributing a prize for the first community to meet the 10% Challenge;
  • * Providing incentives to communities for adopting the 10% Challenge.

Sustainable Hudson Valley will work with sponsors to establish productive channels of communication in each community.