Newburgh Schools

Huh? The Newburgh Schools didn't take the 10% Challenge.

Not exactly. But they took the concept to heart and quietly set about improving energy efficiency, not 10% but 20%. As an email to faculty and staff announced:

Remarkable milestone!

The Newburgh Enlarged City School District was recently awarded the nationally-recognized, Energy Stewardship Award presented to school districts that have measurably reduced their energy consumption by twenty percent. Newburgh surpassed the 20% threshold as of January 2011.

Congratulations to all who continue to vigilantly manage their energy usage. People are the most prudent energy managers. All of the technology and renewable energy sources in the world do not serve their purpose if they are left on and operating needlessly.

Comfortable and Efficient Air Conditioning Operation

When it comes to air conditioning, comfort and efficiency go hand-in-hand. Air conditioning systems and units are designed to provide optimal comfort when they are utilized in fixed and closed environments.

  • Doors and Windows should always be kept closed when air conditioners are on and operating.
  • Thermostats should be set no lower than 72 degrees.
  • For classrooms, all A/C units should be turned off at dismissal.
  • For Offices at the end of the workday.

Mindful Energy Consumption Dates

  • Daily and Weekend Shutdowns
  • Memorial day Weekend (3 days to prevent energy waste by properly shutting down)
  • Upcoming Summer Break – All district faculty and staff are asked to remove their personal appliances as energy consumption audits and inventories will be conducted to assess our energy load. Please take your personal appliances home for the summer break.

Please continue to manage the energy you use.