You can do this.

Look at your electric bill. What can you turn off, turn down, put on a power strip, use only when needed...?

Look at your heating bills. An insulated, well-sealed home is a comfortable home. Sweaters are a good thing.

Look at your odometer, and recall what it was last year. Time not spent in the car is time available for life. Inflating your tires for greater fuel efficiency takes 2 minutes.

Sometimes it's easiest to dive in when you have a structure. If that's your style, take a look at My Energy Plan, an easy tool for estimating your energy use and identifying ballpark savings from easy measures. It isn't precise, but it helps you identify the significant actions to take for real savings. Each person who makes a plan, moves the needle on the counter on our site.

And there is help.

Our utilities have done a huge amount of homework to develop programs that help you replace inefficient appliances and lighting, and use energy smartly.

If you are a Central Hudson customer, take a look at their helpful site at for information on rebates for upgrading your air conditioner, fridge, and more.

If Orange & Rockland is your utility, see their rebates for buying efficient air conditioners and fridges at:

If you are served by NYSEG, find their rebate and incentive programs here for appliance upgrades and conservation:

If you're a National Grid customer, visit for programs, tips and a smart grid link.

Our state energy agency, NYSERDA, has also done its homework to create the easiest and most convenient program yet, for insulating and air sealing your home with little or no up-front cost to you. It is called Green Jobs, Green New York: .

Households with income under $60,000 per year can get a FREE energy assessment and low-interest loans to make their homes more energy-efficient,with up-front savings to help repay the loan. Repayment can be conveniently done on your heating or electric bill.