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The 10% Challenge Can Energize Your Business or Organization.

The 10% Challenge can energize your business. Consider: every dollar not spent on energy is a dollar available for payroll, supplies, and other business needs. What's more, it's Hudson Valley businesses that bring us the products and services to improve energy performance. Investing in energy upgrades is investing in the businesses that offer them.

You are an expert in your business. Fortunately there are energy experts all around, to help you save. The electric utilities, and the state's Energy Research and Development Authority, have done their homework to make your options clearer and more affordable. Incentive programs, rebates, and referrals to qualified contractors help you move down the path.

Agway in Red Hook had a free energy audit performed in August 2010, by Challenge campaign sponsor Central Hudson. When they realized that a lighting upgrade would save 21,235 KwH of electricity per year, as well as $3,800 in energy per year, they signed the contract to replace their lighting in the same week. The estimated annual return for their investment is 85%. With the money they are saving on energy, and an incentive from Central Hudson, their new lighting will pay for itself within 2 years. The New Paltz Agway followed suit, as did at least 16 Red Hook businesses.

Central Hudson also offers businesses a $1,200 rebate for switching from oil to natural gas boilers.

Orange and Rockland has its own business energy efficiency program.

If NYSEG supplies your business, find information on rebates and wind purchasing options here:

If your business is a National Grid customer, find programs, tips and a smart grid link here:

Small Businesses and Not-For-Profits qualify for a FREE energy audit through the FlexTech Energy Audit Program. To get started, the business or NFP has to submit a 1-page application (see attached) to NYSERDA.

Small businesses and NFPs that go through this program will qualify for a low-interest loan up to $26,000 to help make energy-saving improvements. NYSERDA will be opening this loan fund in near future.

Finally, if there are any buildings (commercial, industrial, or institutional) over 50,000 square feet, they qualify for NYSERDA's FlexTech Benchmarking Pilot, which offers free benchmarking services up to $7,000. If a facility is interested in this program, they should visit the website and submit a Benchmarking Referral Form.