Cut your carbon footprint 10%.
Get 10% of your community involved.
Join thousands of your Hudson Valley neighbors as they connect, create, have fun and save.

The 10% Challenge is:

  • A call to simple actions that can be scaled up to make a measurable difference in energy use, environment and economic security: lighting replacements, water-efficiency campaigns, deep energy retrofits for buildings and neighborhoods, bike-friendly community plans, farmers’ markets to reduce the carbon footprint of food transportation, and more. Changing a few light bulbs may seem insignificant, but imagine living in the first community to do away with incandescent lighting completely by taking a stand and creating a plan!
  • A fast growing grassroots campaign involving 14 local governments representing a population over 100,000, that can build political will for better policies in energy and transportation, while restoring a sense of local self-reliance and empowerment.
  • A chance to win prizes including a solar thermal system from EarthKind Energy, a sail on the Clearwater for your school stars, a day of R & R at Omega Institute for your town/ village board or city council, and a free Solar Opportunity Assessment of your entire community's potential for solar power, from staff at The Solar Energy Consortium. Watch for more prizes!
  • An investment in people-power, one of our most abundant renewable resources.


Participating Communities

14 communities representing over
100,000 people:

  • Florida
  • Greenwood Lake
  • Hudson
  • Maybrook
  • Montgomery (Town and Village)
  • Red Hook (Town and Village)
  • Tivoli
  • Walden
  • Wappinger's Falls
  • Warwick (Town and Village)
  • Watervliet